Holly Douglas is an analytical chemist specialising in LC-MS. Holly obtained her MChem degree from the University of York in 2007 before going on to work for the MHRA, Novartis and GSK. Holly's experience has largely been focused on the detection, identification and quantification of low and trace-level impurities in drug substances using LC-MS and has spanned the drug development life-cycle from drug discovery (Novartis), through product development (GSK) to final product testing (MHRA).

Holly joined the Francis Crick Institute in 2018 and is investigating how the triple resolving power of UHPLC, ion mobility and high-resolution mass spectrometry can be applied to analysing complex biological matrices, with a particular focus on nucleic acids, membrane lipids and carotenoids. Holly also provides LC-MS support to projects researching the behaviour and antibiotic resistance of Mycobacterium tuberculosis.