Jake Cornwall Scoones


Jake Cornwall Scoones is a joint PhD student between the laboratories of Profs. James Briscoe and Nicholas Luscombe labs. He obtained his BA in the University of Cambridge where he specialised in developmental biology, where he worked in Ben Simons’s lab on mechanisms of joint patterning in the digits of tetrapods. After graduating, he worked with Dr. Shiladitya Banerjee (UCL/CMU) and Dr. Nathan Goehring (Crick) on theoretical models of C. elegans cell polarity, with Dr. Bénédicte Sanson  (PDN Cambridge) on using force-inference strategies applied to study Drosophila morphogenesis, and with Prof. Matt Thomson and Prof. Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz (Caltech) on mammalian cell polarity and self-organisation in synthetic ‘stembryo’ models. Jake joined the Briscoe and Luscombe labs to continue research on understanding principles of developmental pattern formation by combining theoretical, synthetic and computational approaches. In particular, he will work on deconstructing and re-assembling the gene regulatory architecture of dorso-ventral patterning of neural progenitor fates, exploring principles of robust pattern formation by comparing alternative synthetic designs.

Qualifications and history

Cambridge University, UK
BA Natural Sciences
University College, London, UK
Banerjee and Goehring labs (short-term researcher)
University of Cambridge, UK
Sanson lab (short-term researcher)
California Institute of Technology
Zernicka-Goetz and Thomson labs (research assistant))
The Francis Crick Institute, London, UK
Briscoe and Luscombe labs (PhD student)