James MacPherson

Jamie graduated with first class honours from King’s College London (B.Sc. Biochemistry) in 2014, where he completed his Bachelor project under the supervision of Prof. Franca Fraternali, using molecular dynamics simulations to investigate the flexibility of antibodies. Prior to this, James worked as an undergraduate research student with Prof. Kathleen McCoy at the University of Berne, where he designed and wrote computer software to analyse DNA sequencing data.
James joined the Anastasiou lab as a Ph.D student in September 2014 and uses a number of structural and biophysical approaches, as well as large-scale molecular dynamics simulations, to investigate the roles of enzyme regulation in metabolic reprogramming in cancer. James additionally works to write computer software which allows for the identification of protein residues, which transmit regulatory information between ligand binding pockets and their active sites, to facilitate rational design of 'allosteric' therapeutic molecules.