Joanna Redmond

Head of Chemical Biology STP

Joanna Redmond joined the Francis Crick Institute in April 2022 as Head of the Chemical Biology Science and Technology Platform (STP). The STP group collaborates with Crick research groups to develop chemical tools and methods to explore complex biology. The chemical approaches developed in the STP are used to reveal the function of a biological system and the pharmacology of its perturbation by chemical modulators. These insights can be applied to accelerate the translation of the Crick’s research into clinical impact.

Jo moved to the Crick from GSK, where she was an Associate Director in the Chemical Biology department. In this position, she led GSK’s Chemogenomic screening platform and its application to support target identification for drug discovery programs from 2019. Jo joined GSK as a Medicinal Chemist in 2008 and has led Medicinal Chemistry efforts for kinase, integrin and GPCR-based drug discovery programs. These projects have included small molecule modulators and PROTACs, spanning both hit-to-lead and lead optimisation activities.

From 2017 to 2019 she worked at the Francis Crick Institute in the GSK/Crick LinkLabs as a Medicinal Chemistry Leader and developed an approach utilising orally bioavailable small molecule “bumped” kinase inhibitors in conjunction with targeted genetic mutation to explore full organism kinase biology.

Prior to joining GSK, Jo completed a PhD in stereoselective synthesis at Imperial College London and a Masters in Chemistry at the University of Oxford.

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