Joel Nulsen


Joel graduated with BA and MMath degrees in Mathematics from Trinity College Cambridge, where his studies encompassed quantum computation, string theory and black holes. He moved to King’s College London in 2016 to join the centre for doctoral training in Cross-Disciplinary Approaches to Non-Equilibrium Systems (CANES). While there he obtained an MSc, with projects on topics including the use of particle filters in financial time series analysis and non-equilibrium protein folding simulations. He joined Francesca Ciccarelli’s lab in 2017, where he is currently pursuing his PhD.

Scientific interest

Joel is interested in cancer evolution, and is currently working to understand how a cancer patient’s inherited genetic background can influence the evolutionary trajectory of their tumour. He is particularly focusing on this problem in oesophageal adenocarcinoma, a disease with rapidly increasing incidence, poor survival, and about which much remains to be understood, particularly at a molecular level.