Krijn has obtained a MSc in Neuroscience (Oxford University) in 2009, and obtained his medical degree from Utrecht University (the Netherlands) in 2014. He completed his PhD at the Netherlands Cancer Institute in 2020, with prof. Emile Voest as direct supervisor and prof. Ton Schumacher as co-supervisor. In his PhD, he evaluated the potential of tumor organoids as personalised models of human cancer. He developed a co-culture model of tumour organoids and autologous T-cells. These can be used as personalised models to evaluate how T-cells and tumour cells interact at the level of an individual patient. 

In the Swanton lab, he will integrate his experience with creating organoid models from individual patients within the TRACERx study. He will use a combination of wet lab and bioinformatic approaches to identify what drives intra-tumour heterogeneity in anti-tumour immunity.