Lisa Dressler


Lisa obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology at the RWTH Aachen university, Germany, and her Master’s degree in Molecular Biotechnology at the university of Heidelberg, Germany. Pursuing her interest in cancer research, she worked in a lab at the University of Michigan, USA, for 6 months for her Bachelor’s thesis. During her Master’s studies, she did several lab rotations as well as her Master’s thesis at the German Cancer Research Centre in Heidelberg. She joined the Cancer Systems Biology group in September 2017 as a joint student between Francesca Ciccarelli at the Crick and Rebecca Oakey from King’s College London.

Scientific interest

Lisa’s PhD project aims to identify cancer vulnerabilities based on the concept of synthetic lethality: the simultaneous loss of two genes that leads to cell death, whereas loss of only one gene is compensated by the other. Lisa enjoys spending half of her time as a computational biologist and the other half in the wet lab.

Year published

Crick Pre-Crick

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