Lorena Arancibia Carcamo


Dr Lorena Arancibia Carcamo holds a BSc in Biochemistry from Imperial College London and a PhD in Molecular Neuroscience from UCL.

Her postdoctoral research investigated molecular mechanisms underpinning neuronal and glial physiology focusing on myelination and microglia dynamics. Joining the UK DRI, Lorena will investigate microglia function and cellular interactions using biochemical and state-of-the-art optical methods, including multi-photon imaging and super-resolution microscopy.

Together with Prof Bart De Strooper, she will combine these studies with transcriptomic and proteomic approaches to further understand the cellular changes occurring in Alzheimer’s disease with a particular focus on the role of glia in neuroinflammation.

Qualifications and history

Imperial College London, London, UK
BSc Biochemistry
University College, London, UK
PhD, Department of Pharmacology
University College, London, UK
Senior Postdoctoral Researcher, NPP
UK Dementia Research Institute
Deputy Group Leader
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