Luiz was born and grew up in the south of Brazil and obtained undergraduate (pharmacy) and MSc (cell and molecular biology) degrees from UFRGS. He then moved to the USA to pursue his PhD studies in the laboratory of John S. Blanchard at the Biochemistry Department of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York. He studied mechanistic enzymology, inhibition kinetics and protein chemistry.

For postdoctoral training Luiz joined Carl Nathan's laboratory at the Weill Cornell Medical College (2006-2011) in New York, exploring the use of rational approaches to antibiotic research and studying Mycobacterium tuberculosis and its interaction with the host. In addition to antibiotic research, Luiz contributed to the first applications of LC-MS-based metabolomics methods for functional genomics and system-level studies of M. tuberculosis, under guidance of Kyu Y. Rhee, also at Cornell.

In 2011 Luiz moved to the Medical Research Council (MRC) National Institute for Medical Research (now part of the Francis Crick Institute) to establish his laboratory working on how Mtb enzymes work, how they are inhibited by antibiotics and how they are organised together to form M. tuberculosis metabolic network. Luiz has been awarded an MRC Centenary Award and the 2014 ASM - Merck Irving S. Sigal Award.

Qualifications and history

Porto Alegre, Brazil
Porto Alegre, Brazil
Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York, USA
Weill Cornell Medical College, New York, USA
Postdoctoral Fellow
MRC-NIMR, London, UK
Group Leader
The Francis Crick Institute, London, UK
Group Leader

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