Mathias Cobbaut

Senior Laboratory Research Scientist (SCIENCE)

Mathias Cobbaut completed his PhD in the laboratory of Protein Phosphorylation and Proteomics at KU Leuven (Belgium), supported by a competitive 4-year FWO-SB fellowship. He studied the biochemical regulation, signalling properties and pharmacological inhibition of protein kinase D, elucidating novel key regulatory features of this family of kinases. After obtaining his PhD he became a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Protein Phosphorylation laboratory at the Francis Crick Institute under the supervision of Peter Parker FRS, studying the molecular regulation of the polarity kinase atypical PKCι (aPKCι), the complexes it is part of, and the perturbance of canonical aPKCι signalling in oncogenic settings. He is currently further developing his molecular and structural insights into aPKCι and its associated complexes in the Signalling and Structural Biology laboratory headed by Neil McDonald.


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