Naoko Kogata


Naoko did Masters degree studying protein transport in plant chloroplast at Osaka University, Japan. Naoko then worked as a product development researcher in Unicharm Co., Japan before starting her PhD analysing cell-cell adhesion molecules during blood vessel development at Osaka University, Japan. She continued her interest in vascular morphogenesis by doing a postdoc studying the role of ILK in blood vessel wall formation in Ralf Adams lab, Cancer Research UK London Research Institute. In 2010 Naoko joined the group of Beatrice Howard at Institute of Cancer Research (London) to investigate embryonic factors in the mammary primordial formation and mammary tumour progression.  In 2017 she joined the Way Lab and her ongoing research is to dissect the functional diversity of Arp2/3 subunit isoforms during invadopodia formation as well as its impact in tissue morphogenesis and homeostasis.