Nasr Esfahani

Nasr Esfahani is a designer in microfluidic and Lab-on-a-chip devices with a strong interest in product development, design for manufacturing and mass production. Nasr is passionate about creation and innovation in science and engineering, which lead him to be involved in the development of high-tech revolutionary products over the past ten years.

During his BSc and MSc degrees, he has largely focused on design and manufacturing in a wide range of solid mechanics and microengineering projects, such as micro-tool design for moulding, metal forming and bespoke laboratory machines. In 2014, he received his PhD in Engineering from the University of Hull, after being awarded a doctoral scholarship to investigate mass manufacturing strategies for Lab-on-a-chip devices.

Over the years, Nasr has integrated with several multidisciplinary teams, working alongside biologists, chemists and engineers, and from his experience in design for manufacturing and microfluidic product development have resulted over ten published papers, several patents and products.

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Last updated : 27 January 2021 02:05