Nicola O'Reilly, STP lead.

Nicola O'Reilly

Nicola O’Reilly has been making peptides for the Imperial Cancer Research Fund (ICRF), Cancer Research UK and now Crick researchers since being hired in 1990.

She studied for her first degree, a BSc in Chemistry, at the University of Southampton. Whilst working for ICRF she studied for an MSc in Biochemistry at King’s College London.

During her career, as well as leading the Peptide Chemistry Science Technology Platform, she has also managed a 2-D Gel Electrophoresis group and a protein purification group.

Nicola’s aim is to provide novel peptide based reagents which allow interesting scientific questions to be asked.

Her interests now also lie in developing the chemistry side of the Peptide Chemistry STP and enabling access to the chemistry quadrant for biological groups.

As well as her work in the Peptide Chemistry STP, she supports the Crick by delivering Unconscious Bias Awareness training and is on the Gender Matters in Science committee and is part of the Athena Swan Self- Assessment Team. She is also on the Sustainability Steering Committee.

Nicola also supports the Crick social group, the Cricksters, and the Crick Choir. She gets people together to play tennis and to craft.