Omur Yilmaz Tastan

Omur received her PhD in Genes and Development from University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas USA, where she explored stem cell differentiation factors in Drosophila. She then moved to Oxford University for her postdoctoral research studying metabolic enzyme localisation behaviours in neuroepithelial stem cells in the Drosophila brain. She now works as a Senior Laboratory Research Scientist in the Chemical Glycobiology Lab at the Crick. She is a passionate developmental biologist, molecular biologist, and on her way to become a chemical biologist in the Chemical Glycobiology Laboratory. Her favourite glycan is GalNAc, because it is as mysterious as it gets and Omur wants to shed light on this amazing sugar by characterising specific and selective GalNAc probes. Omur loves karaoke-singing and listening to K-pop. Her favourite food is spicy noodles and dumplings with chilli sauce.