Peter Craggs

Peter Craggs is a biochemist with training in mechanistic enzymology, inhibition kinetics and small molecule inhibitor identification. Pete graduated from the University of Newcastle, UK with a BSc in Biochemistry in 2001 and soon after joined GSK as a graduate scientist. At GSK, he has been involved in the characterisation of many enzyme targets, prior to developing screening assays and prosecuting high throughput screens to identify novel inhibitors. While working at GSK, in 2012, Pete obtained a MSc in Structural Biology from Birkbeck College London.

Pete achieved a PhD in Biochemistry in 2019, studying at The Crick under the supervision Luiz Carvalho. This project involved the characterisation of an essential enzyme involved in Mycobacterium tuberculosis cell wall biosynthesis, in addition to the identification of novel small molecule inhibitors of this target.

Subsequently, Pete has continued his work at the Mycobacterial Metabolism and Antibiotic Research Laboratory and, under Luiz’s his supervision while on secondment from GSK, has set about identifying novel inhibitors of mycobacterial growth. This promising study led to an application for, and subsequent award of a three-year Innovation secondment fellowship (2021-2024) to continue and expand this research. During this UKRI supported fellowship, Pete will remain at The Crick, while also maintaining his position within GSK, who are a collaborating partner in this project.

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