Peter Kreuzaler


I am a cancer biologist with a focus of untangling the basic programmes underlying oncogenesis and tumour progression.

After my undergraduate studies at the Freie Universität Berlin, I joined Professor Christine Watson’s group at the University of Cambridge, were I discovered a novel type of cell death in the mammary gland. Subsequently, I became a Junior Research Fellow at Trinity College Cambridge. I joined Professor Gerard Evan’s group, were I developed a breast cancer model that recapitulates key traits of tumour heterogeneity. This allowed me to understand clonal interdependencies and cross-regulation of oncogenes.

I am now in Dr Mariia Yuneva’s group as part of her involvement in the CRUK Grand Challenges. As such, I am helping to develop methods of imaging mass spectrometry (IMS), which we are using to carry out in situ metabolic analysis. We are developing methods to overlay metabolic profiles, protein expression patterns and high-resolution electron microscopy. This will allow us to understand how the proteome governs the metabolome and vice versa and how different clones within a tumour differ in their metabolism. Further we are interested in the effect that tumours and metastasis exert on proximal healthy tissues as well as the immune compartment.

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