Rajvee Shah Punatar

Rajvee Shah Punatar carried out her PhD studies in the lab of Prof James Scott at the MRC Clinical Research Centre, Hammersmith Hospital, where she characterised the sequence-requirements of the mammalian mRNA-editing enzyme, APOBEC-1. After completing her PhD in 1992, she was awarded an Imperial Cancer Research Fund (ICRF) Research Fellowship in the lab of Dr Stephen West (ICRF Clare Hall laboratories, UK) where she worked on the bacterial RuvC resolvase. She then switched fields to work in the lab of Dr Leland Johnson at the Division of Yeast Genetics, National Institute for Medical Research, Mill Hill, London.

There, as an MRC Post-doctoral Fellow, she studied the biochemical and genetic function of the budding yeast Spo12 protein during mitotic exit. In 2000 Rajvee returned to the lab of Stephen West, (Cancer Research UK London Research Institute) initially as a Senior Scientific Officer, and then as a Principal Laboratory Research Scientist, when the lab became part of the Francis Crick Institute.

Rajvee enjoys playing an active role in the wider Crick Community and is a member of the the Crick Biological and Radiological Safety Committee , the Crick Sustainability Steering Committee and the Laboratory Research Scientist (LRS) Network Committee.

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