Rajvee Shah Punatar

Principal Laboratory Research Scientist (SCIENCE)

I have a strong background  in biochemistry and molecular biology and have purified a number of proteins involved in DNA repair and homologous recombination (HR). I have extensive experience in making plasmid-based DNA substrates containing Holliday junctions, known as recombination intermediates, which are key tools in studying HR proteins in vitro.

Over the last five years,I have studied the activity of  several HR proteins, including the GEN1 resolvase, the SMX tri-nuclease complex, the DNA mismatch repair protein MutSb, RAD54 and, most recently, the BTR complex.

From August 2021 to April 2022, I joined the Academic Training Team on secondment as Technician Commitment and Science Training Lead, and successfully led the delivery of the Institute’s first ever Technician Week.

I was named joint winner of the 2021 Crick Award in the category "Inspires and Engages the Public"

I am an active member of the wider Crick community and am passionate about improving the visibility, recognition and career development of technical staff in research.  I also have an interest in public engagement work and tackling science misinformation.


I completed my PhD in the laboratory of Prof James Scott (MRC Clinical Research Centre, Hammersmith Hospital, London), where I studied the mammalian mRNA-editing enzyme, APOBEC-1.

I went on to become an ICRF Research Fellow in the DNA Repair laboratory of Dr Stephen West (Clare Hall laboratories, Herts) followed by an MRC fellowship in the Yeast Genetics group of Dr Leland Johnson (National Institute for Medical Research, London).

I returned to the DNA Recombination and Repair laboratory of Dr Stephen West, at CRUK's London Research Institute,  and have been with the group ever since. I relocated with the laboratory to the Francis Crick Institute in 2016, in my current role as Principal Laboratory Research Scientist.

In 2020, I achieved Chartered Scientist status and became a member of The Royal Society of Biology. 

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