I currently hold the position of Senior Laboratory Research Scientist at the Robin Lovell-Badge Lab, where my focus is on sex determination and ovarian development and function. My primary interest lies in comprehending the genetic mechanisms that establish and sustain an individual's sex throughout their life, particularly within the female context. The successful reproduction of any species hinges largely on proper gonadal development and function, and my research is primarily dedicated to the molecular understanding of these aspects. I employ a combination of transcriptomics and proteomics approaches to address unresolved questions in the field of sex determination and gonadal development.

I did my Ph.D. at Imperial College London under the supervision of David MacIntyre and Phillip Bennet. My Ph.D. project aimed to investigate gene regulatory networks associated with both premature and on-time activation of uterine contractions during labor. The central question revolved around identifying the gene-level triggers for the onset of labor and exploring the possibility of delaying labor by manipulating these pathways. In humans, even a slight delay in labor onset could be crucial for allowing proper fetal development before birth, making this a critical area of research. Our findings revealed the potential to delay inflammation-induced preterm labor by blocking the activation of JNK pathways.

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Testis formation in XX individuals resulting from novel pathogenic variants in Wilms’ tumor 1 (WT1) gene

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