After completing a master's degree in Pharmaceutical Biotechnologies at University of Bologna, Roberta was awarded of Leonardo-Unipharma graduates international to join the department of Developmental Biology and Cancer at the Curie Institute in Paris. 

She obtained her PhD in developmental biology and epigenetics from Universite Pierre et Marie Curie in 2017. In her PhD work, she identified EZHIP as a gonad-specific interactor of Polycomb Repressive complex 2 (PRC2), described its function and demonstrated that is required for mouse female fertility. 

In November 2018 , she moved to the Francis Crick Institute as postdoctoral research associate in the Epithelial Stem Cell Biology Lab and in 2020 was awarded a Marie Curie International Fellowship to carry on with her postdoctoral research. Roberta’s project aims at dissecting the properties of human epithelial stem cells from paediatric and foetal thymus. She is interested in understanding epithelial cell potency and differentiation as well as to their crosstalk with the developing immune counterparts that is vital for the maturation of a functional human thymus.

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