Sebastijan Hobor

After graduating from Vet. Medicine at University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, I completed my PhD in Genetics, focussing on mammal interspecies comparative genomics and expression regulation of lactoprotein genes. In my first Postdoc at the Institute for Cancer Research and Treatment (IRCC), Turin, Italy, my research was focussed on the molecular mechanisms of acquired resistance to EGFRi therapy in Colorectal Cancer metastatic setting. I used both classical and organoid in vitro, and preclinical in vivo models. Here at Crick, during my second postdoc I am focussing my research on early tumorigenesis and emergence of genomic CNAs ITH, related to EGFRi therapy resistance with concomitant TP53 disruption. I am performing preclinical transgenic models’ micro-CT follow up of individual lung lesions through time and single cell tumour analysis coupled with clinical data mining. Within CRICK-industry collaboration we partnered with AZ and are planning to use patients’ chronological CT scans from Aura trials, to examine the ITH of therapy response coupled to genomics analyses.