Soly Ismail

Scientific Project Manager

My work centres on several cancer drug discovery projects, in collaboration with pharmaceutical and academic institutions, all with the aim of targeting RAS signalling in cancer. These projects involve assay development and early hit characterisation using different modalities - with a focus on small molecules and cyclic peptides. 

I have recently received a UKRI (UK research and innovation) award to start a secondment at AstraZeneca applying high throughput screening of small molecule libraries to identify compounds that block the interaction of RAS with one of its downstream effectors p110α (a member of the PI-3 kinase family).  

In addition, I am also working on a project (with advisory input from the Crick-GSK Link Lab) that aims to screen for compounds that are KRAS isoform specific and that have the potential to be developed as KRAS degraders.  

Qualifications and history

MRC-NIMR, London, UK
Postdoctoral Scientist
Francis Crick Institute
Postdoctoral Scientist
Francis Crick Institute
Project Research Scientist
Francis Crick Institute
Secondment at AstraZeneca