Stefano De Tito

Postdoctoral Fellow

Stefano obtained his PhD in Pharmaceutical Science at the University of Naples Federico II. During this period, he studied the role of DNA G-quadruplexes in cancer progression collaborating with Sasi Conte lab at King’s College (London), where he spent 1 year of his PhD, learning state of the art structural biology and biophysics. At the end of the PhD, he discovered new DNA topologies and G-quadruplex binders for novel anticancer approaches. 


During his first postdoc, Stefano became interested in the link between cancer and membrane trafficking and joined Daniela Corda lab at the Institute of Protein Biochemistry (Naples), where he was supported with a long-term fellowship by the Italian Association for Cancer Research (AIRC). Here, using cell and molecular biology approaches, he focused on the role of BARS in the formation of post-Golgi carriers and secretion in cancer. During this period, he discovered his passion for electron and fluorescent microscopy. He was also supported for a short-term fellowship by the Italian Society of Biochemistry to collaborate in Felix Goni lab (UPV, Bilbao), where he acquired extensive expertise in membrane remodelling models for in vitro studies. At the end of his first postdoc, Stefano unravelled the BARS-driven molecular machinery responsible for the regulation of basolateral cargo at the TGN. 


As senior postdoc, Stefano joined Sharon Tooze lab at the Francis Crick Institute (London), where he is studying the link between membrane trafficking and autophagy. Here, using advanced fluorescence microscopy in concert with novel biochemical approaches, he is focusing his attention on the molecular mechanism that regulates the trafficking of ATG9A vesicles during amino acid starvation-induced autophagy. The collaboration with outstanding facility, using state of the art techniques in a vibrant scientific community, are contributing to broaden Stefano’s skills and expertise for his future research career.

Qualifications and history

PhD in Pharmaceutical Science (University of Naples "Federico II")
Postdoc (Institute of Protein Biochemistry, CNR, Italy)
Francis Crick Institute
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