Stephane Mouilleron


Highly collaborative and team player structural biologist with extensive experience in all aspects of protein crystallography.

Following a 6-year postdoc at CRUK-London Research Institute in a structural biology laboratory, I obtained an atypical academic position to setup and run the Protein Structure Unit (now part of the Francis Crick Structural Biology Platform), uniquely tailored for the delivery of novel, and challenging structural insight. I initiated and lead collaborative projects with non-structural research groups, giving them a unique opportunity to perform biochemical, biophysical, and structural studies of their target proteins.

I have been successfully working on various area of expertise including: Cell signalling, Actin binding protein, Autophagy, Kinases, Drug discovery, UDP-GlcNAc biosynthetic pathway and recently highly focused on protein phosphatase regulation and substrate specificity, a highly challenging and specialised field.

Qualifications and history

Francis Crick Institute
Staff scientist - Structural Biology Platform
London Research Institute, Cancer Research UK
Head of the Protein Structure Unit
London Research Institute, Cancer Research UK
Postdoctoral fellow (Neil McDonald Lab)
University of Paris-Saclay, Paris, France
PhD in Biochemistry and Structural Biology
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