Susana Alejandra Palma Duran

Senior Laboratory Research Scientist (STP)

I hold a BSc in Clinical Biochemistry (University of Sonora, Mexico), MSc in Food Science (CIAD AC, Mexico), and Ph.D. in Human Nutrition (University of Glasgow, UK). After completing my Ph.D. studies, I worked as a postdoctoral scholar at Arizona State University (USA), investigating biomarkers of sugar intake and, later, as a research associate at the University of Cambridge and then transferred to Imperial College London, investigating metabolic phenotypes associated with obesity. I have research experience in the development of LC & MS methods for the analysis of (poly)phenols, proteins, lipids, and toxins in different sample matrices. My research interest focuses on (a) the metabolic changes associated with chronic and age-related diseases, (b) the effect of dietary components and environmental factors on disease progression and, (c) translate that understanding into solutions for prevention.