Susanne Herbst


Susanne joined the lab of Maximiliano Gutierrez in 2015 to study the role of the Parkinson’s Disease-related kinase LRRK2 in the immune response to M. tuberculosis. By combining the knowledge gained during her degree in Immunology to Infectious Diseases from LSHTM and from her PhD at Imperial College London which elucidated cell signalling events in response to fungal infections, she aims to link insights from cellular processes such as vesicle trafficking to immunological outcomes like inflammation and pathogen control.


Outside the lab

Susanne represents her fellow post-docs at the Crick’s post-doc committee and in her spare time, either goes climbing or enjoys a stroll along London’s streets in the search for a good coffee.



As part of her project, Susanne is investigating potential links between LRRK2 function in immune responses and neurodegeneration in Parkinson’s Disease.


A Mycobacterium tuberculosis infected macrophage. Red: Lysosomes, Green: Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Blue: Nucleus.

Selected Publications

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