Teresa Rayon Alonso

I obtained a diploma in Biology from the Autonomous University of Madrid in 2007. I spent 2006 in Aarhus (Denmark) as an Erasmus student and did my master’s project in Ernst Martin Fuechtbauer’s lab. Before starting my PhD, I spent four months in Barcelona as a summer student in Anna Bigas’ lab (IMIM). In 2007, I joined Miguel Manzanares’ group at CNIC in Madrid, Spain to perform a PhD under the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation – FPU program. During my time in Dr. Manzanares’ laboratory, I studied the first lineage choice in mammalian embryos, namely the establishment of the Trophectoderm, representing the first distinct cell type segregated in the embryo. I joined James Briscoe’s lab in January 2016 supported by an EMBO postdoctoral fellowship. I am currently investigating neural tube fate choices from single precursors and interspecies differences in transcriptional regulation. Since 2018 I am an author at PreLights (https://prelights.biologists.com/profiles/teresa-rayon/), where I comment preprints mostly about cell fate decisions, gene regulatory networks, and functional genomics. Outside the lab, I am passionate about radio broadcasting. I am editor and presenter of the podcast En Fase Experimental. Our fortnightly radio program includes the scientific news and interviews with scientists, trying to reach and inspire the general public.