Tim Humpton


Tim obtained Bachelor of Science degrees in Biology and Chemical-Biological Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. During this time, his interest in cancer biology was cemented by formative undergraduate research with Angelika Amon (yeast) and Tyler Jacks (mice). Tim obtained his PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Cambridge as a Gates Scholar under supervision from Dave Tuveson and Gerard Evan. His dissertation work focused on the role of reactive oxygen species in promoting pancreatic tumorigenesis and on elucidating the pro-tumorigenic function of mitophagy in pancreas cancer. As a post-doc in Karen Vousden's group, Tim has focused on p53 biology. His current and future work deals with elucidating the protective functions of p53 activity, both in tumours retaining wild type p53 function and in non-cancer settings, predominantly using the liver as a model system. In support of this focus, he has helped to develop novel mouse models that genetically mimic a new class of p53 activating compound or allow for non-invasive longitudinal imaging of p53 activity in mice.

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