Tobias' PhD looks at the contribution of endogenous retroelements to the coding immune transcriptome, focusing on adaptive immune responses altered by previously undiscovered protein isoforms.

He obtained his BSc in Biomedical Sciences from the University of York in 2021, his final year project completed as part of the Epigenetic Cell Cycle Control lab. There, he also briefly joined the RNA Immunology group, exploring microRNAs in COVID-19. He has a year of industry experience with Phoremost Ltd., researching novel methods of neoantigen generation in immuno-oncology, as well as validating hit peptides with targeted protein degradation capabilities. He sits on the Crick PhD Student Committee and Lab Culture Forum.

Qualifications and history

University of York, UK
BSc Biomedical Sciences
Intern Scientist, Phoremost Ltd.
University of York, UK
Research Assistant, RNA Immunology
Francis Crick Institute
PhD Student, Retroviral Immunology