Tony Fearns


Tony studied for his MSc at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine later joining the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) London, as a Scientific Officer in 2012. While at the ICR, Tony was a member of the Molecular Cell Biology Lab, under the supervision of Prof Clare Isacke. Here, his focus was to investigate cancer-stromal cell interactions with an emphasis on the role that fibroblasts play in the development of metastatic breast cancer. In early 2017, Tony was appointed Senior Laboratory Research Scientist within the Host-Pathogen Interactions in Tuberculosis Laboratory at The Francis Crick Institute, London. Here, Tony holds several important roles within the lab, of which includes the training of new members in the use of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, a containment level three pathogen. In addition to both mammalian and bacterial cell culture, Tony’s technical knowledge covers a broad range of Molecular techniques and several imaging modalities including Electron Microscopy and Micro Computed tomography.

Area of interest

I have an active role in many of the labs ongoing projects as well as my own. I’m currently using a range to imaging techniques to observe the intracellular distribution of Mycobacterium tuberculosis within cells at ever increasing resolutions.

Outside the lab

When not in the lab, I enjoy traveling, finding new restaurants and, searching for the perfect pint 

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