Yi is originally from Shanghai, China.


She moved to London in 2019 and studied Medical Bioscience at Imperial College London. During her bachelor's degree, she did internships in Professor Simone Di Giovanni’s Lab, working on the role of macrophages in regulating neuronal activities, and in Dr Nathan Skene’s lab, where she developed skills to handle massive epigenomic datasets. Driven by her growing interest in applying computational methods to biology, she pursued a Master’s degree in Bioinformatics and Theoretical Systems Biology at Imperial College London. She and her colleagues worked in Professor Robert Endres’ group, developing algorithms to investigate the robustness problem of Turing patterns. Later she joined Dr Sadra Sadeh’s lab for her master thesis on computational neuroscience. She built and analysed a network model which described interactions between excitatory pyramidal cells and subtype-specific inhibitory neurons, using both simulation and analytical approaches.


In 2023, she joined Neuronal Circuits and Behaviour Laboratory led by Dr Florencia Iacaruso as a PhD student.


In addition to brain, her biggest interest is in literature, caving, and gelato of weird flavours. Dostoevsky is her favourite author.