Yujia received a 1st Class integrated MSci degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology at the University of Glasgow, UK in 2023. He undertook an industrial placement at Sygnature Discovery, a drug discovery CRO based in Nottingham, UK. Yujia's works there on Targeted Protein Degradation (TPD) platform development, supervised by Dr Roland Hjerpe, inspired and led him to pursue further research in the area.

Intrigued by Dr Francesca Ester Morreale's research on proteolytic complexes in bacteria, Yujia joined the Morreale Group at the Francis Crick Institute in 2023 as a PhD student to advance his technical and research experiences in the field, while exploring the mechanisms of proteostasis in prokaryotics cells and harnessing this process for antibiotic development.

Yujia's long-term research interest lies between understanding the dynamics of protein-protein interaction interfaces and probing the limits of therapeutic applicaitons of TPD technology. 

Qualifications and history

Sygnature Discovery, UK
Associate Scientist - Bioscience (Industrial Placement)
University of Glasgow, UK
1st MSci Molecular and Cellular Biology
The Francis Crick Institute, London, UK
PhD student - Morreale Lab