Postdoc positions

Roles of metabolism in the developmental origins of health and longevity

A postdoctoral research position funded by the Wellcome Trust is available in the laboratory. We are looking for a highly motivated researcher with experience in molecular biology and/or metabolism.

The successful applicant will be able to choose from several Drosophila and mouse models that have been established in our lab (PMID: 21816278, PMID: 26451484, PMID: 29123106, PMID: 29515102 and unpublished). They will be exposed to a range of techniques including genetics, molecular biology, confocal microscopy, biochemistry, metabolomics as well as mass spectrometry imaging (PMID: 22246326, PMID: 26451484).

Access will be provided to state-of-the-art facilities in advanced light and electron microscopy, metabolomics and single-cell sequencing. Examples of other projects ongoing in the lab can be seen on our areas of interest.

Find eligibility information and apply now on the Crick HR site

Applications close 12 August 2019, 23:30 UK time.

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Other postdoc positions

We welcome, at any time, applications to join our lab from highly motivated individuals. A strong background in genetics, molecular biology or metabolism and a first-author publication in a peer-reviewed international journal are essential. 

Please send a CV, a statement of your future research interests and the names of three referees by email to