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An image of the neural circuits of a genetically identified olfactory bulb glomerulus and an electron micrograph with glomeruli outlined in orange and yellow.

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Functional and multiscale 3D structural investigation of brain tissue through correlative in vivo physiology, synchrotron microtomography and volume electron microscopy

Bosch, Carles; Ackels, Tobias; Pacureanu, Alexandra; Zhang, Yuxin; Peddie, Christopher J.; Berning, Manuel; Rzepka, Norman; Zdora, Marie-Christine; Whiteley, Isabell; Storm, Malte; Bonnin, Anne; Rau, Christoph; Margrie, Troy; Collinson, Lucy; Schaefer, Andreas T. 

Nature Communications 13, Article number: 2923 (2022)

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