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We are always looking for enthusiastic and self-motivated individuals at all career stages who would like to join the lab.

Postdoctoral Fellows

Researchers with a strong background in structural biology (e.g. single particle cryo-electron microscopy or tomography), biochemistry, imaging, biophysics or cell biology and an interest in using bottom-up reconstitution approaches to understand complex cellular systems and their regulation are strongly encouraged to apply.

PhD students

Motivated students interested in studying the process of autophagy are encouraged to apply to the central Crick PhD programmeThere are deadlines in both Autumn and Spring.

Please feel free to inquire informally since there may be additional deadlines. Multiple projects - all centred around the process of autophagosome formation - are available in the lab. We are a highly interdisciplinary lab applying a diverse set of techniques ranging from single particle cryo-electron microscopy to in vitro reconstitution and cell biology approaches to study the molecular mechanism of autophagy allowing us to match the methodological approach to the background and interests of the candidate. Interested students should have a solid knowledge in biochemistry, biophysics and cell biology and an excellent academic track record. Some research experience is highly recommended.


Currently, there is the opportunity to carry out a 3-12 months internship or master's project in the lab. Interested students may also join the Crick summer student or sandwich student programmes.