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PhD Studentship vacancy, drug discovery

Combining multiple bullets against a sweet target - Fragment-based drug discovery to tackle cancer glycosylation

  • Funded by the CDT in Chemical Biology: Innovation in Life Sciences
  • 1+3 year PhD studentship
  • This studentship is co-funded with GSK. 
  • Supervisors: Dr Benjamin Schumann | Dr David House | Professor Ed Tate

Glycosylation is a ubiquitous posttranslational protein modification, and highly glycosylated proteins are overexpressed as a hallmark of metastatic cancer. The addiction of cancer cells to structural alterations of glycans makes the process of glycosylation an important yet underexplored target for therapeutic intervention. This project, co-funded by GlaxoSmithKline, will focus on fragment-based drug discovery to generate glycosylation enzyme inhibitors. We will combine newly-available chemical space and modelling approaches to generate lead compounds with suitable interaction profiles. Biological evaluation will be performed to develop a drug that hits glycosylation, the sweet tooth of cancer.

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