Briscoe lab Developmental Dynamics Laboratory

Collage of data and images examining the genes and mechanisms involved in spinal cord cell development.

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We study how the spinal cord forms before birth and work towards understanding the fundamentals of how an embryo develops.

How are the right types of cells produced in the right place, at the right time and in the right amounts in an embryo?

Our lab is trying to answer these questions by studying the central nervous system.

We focus on the spinal cord, it holds the nerves that allow us to sense our environment and respond by moving muscles.

Our goal is to identify the genes involved in spinal cord development and how they organize the different types of nerve cells that build it.

We are developing new computer tools and models to help us study spinal cord development and to analyse the relationships between different aspects of pattern formation in cells.

The more we understand about development of the spinal cord, the more we will understand what happens when nervous system tissue is diseased or damaged.