Prieto-Godino lab

Neural Circuits and Evolution Laboratory

: Vacancies


We are always looking for enthusiastic scientists to join the lab.

For prospective postdocs

Applications are welcome at any time. We might have funded available positions. However, all applicants are encouraged to seek external sources of funding. At the moment we have open two funded postdoctoral positions:

  1. Evolution of central circuits olfactory circuits using whole brain volumetric calcium imaging. An expertise in performing calcium imaging experiments is essential. To apply please follow this link.
  2. Mechanisms and function of stop codon read-through. This is a continuation of our 2016 Nature paper. An expertise in bioinformatics, cell culture and cellular screening would be an advantage. To apply please follow this link.

All applicants should email directly with a CV, the contact of two references, and a letter stating the motivation to join the lab.

For prospective PhD students

If you are interested in joining the lab send Lucia an email, however all applications must go through the Crick PhD student programme. For prospective summer and exchange students please send an email to Lucia with your CV, and motivation for wanting to come to the lab.