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Our lab works on the design, development and validation of new imaging tools, particularly using x-rays, with a desire to bring better images and new insights to the eyes of the research community. 

X-rays are unique in the opportunity they offer to probe matter as they are able to pass through most objects. This enables us to get high resolution 3D images even when the sample we are looking at is very dense and opaque. This makes it an ideal tool for the study of biological tissues and microorganisms.

By combing different imaging techniques, we are able to visualise three-dimensional samples with high accuracy. The images we produce can be linked to physical quantities of the material or tissue under investigation, which allows us to make more effective measurements and conclusions about what exactly we are seeing. 

The techniques we use include tomography and radiography which are based on principles similar to those used in scanners at airports or hospitals, however we use them on a much smaller scale and in our systems the wave nature of the radiation becomes apparent.