Postdoctoral fellows

We are always interested in receiving postdoc applications from researchers with an excellent track record and a strong interest in understanding self-organizing dynamic molecular systems. A strong background in biochemistry or biophysics, as well as a first-author publication in a peer-reviewed international journal, is essential. Currently, project options exist in the areas of in vitro reconstitutions of self-organizing microtubule networks, control of microtubule nucleation, genetic code expansion for protein labelling, or theoretical modelling of microtubule networks.

PhD students

Students interested in a PhD position in the Surrey lab have to apply to the central Crick PhD programme. In addition to the main application deadline late in the year, additional deadlines may exist. Interested students should have a solid training in / an excellent understanding of biochemistry, physical chemistry or biophysics. Some research experience is essential. Several project options are available in the area of in vitro reconstitutions or theoretical modelling of self-organizing cytoskeletal systems.


Occasionally, internships or Masters projects can be offered. The typical duration is 3-12 months. Interested students require to have training in biochemistry, molecular biology, physics or programming. An excellent academic record is essential. Typically, students can provide their own funding. Additionally, options exist via the Crick summer student or sandwich student programmes. It is advisable to arrange internships well in advance. 

For informal enquiries please contact