Barclay lab Evolutionary Dynamics and Host Range of Influenza Viruses Laboratory

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We are a group of molecular virologists and evolutionary biologists aiming to enhance the understanding of how the influenza virus works.

Besides the yearly burden of seasonal human-adapted influenza, the real danger comes from avian influenza strains that cross the species barrier to infect humans. These pandemic viruses, which appear every few decades in various parts of the world, have the potential to kill millions. 

We study how influenza viruses evolve and the range of species they are able to infect, as well as how they adapt to replication in humans. An important part of our work revolves around the interactions of the virus with host factors, traits that make an individual more or less susceptible to a particular disease. One host factor of particular interest to us is the protein ANP32A, which is involved in regulating a variety of processes such as tumour suppression and progression of the cell division cycle.

Our vision is a world where fewer people die from the flu.