Jessica Strid

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Dr Jessica Strid is a Non-clinical Senior Lecturer in the Department of Medicine, Division of immunology and inflammation, Imperial College London.

Dr Strid did her MSc degree at the Danish University of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Copenhagen. She did her PhD in immunology at the Institute of Child Health, University College London, UK with a focus on food allergy and skin immunology. As a PostDoc she joined Adrian Hayday’s research group at Kings College London and later worked at Cancer Research UK. Her PostDoc studies were focused on autologous sterile stress responses in the skin and their recognition by resident immune cells. In 2012 Dr Strid became and independent group leader and joined Imperial College London as a Non-clinical Lecturer. The following year she was awarded the Wellcome Trust New Investigator Award. The Strid laboratory studies immune surveillance at epithelial body surface tissues, such as the skin, with a focus on understanding the role of tissue resident and infiltrating immune cells in regulating epithelial cell homeostasis, repair and carcinogenesis. The laboratory has a particular interest in the origins of Type 2 immunity and its role in immune stress-surveillance.

The current lecture will discuss the capacity of tissue resident lymphoid cells to directly sense epithelial cell stress and initiate a restorative response. It will explore the type 2 nature of this response and particularly its links to type 2 B cell biology and induction of IgE antibodies. A role for IgE as a host defense mechanism against environmental DNA-damaging xenobiotics and a cooperative role for T and B cell immune surveillance in epithelial tissues will be proposed.