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The High Throughout Screening STP

facilities and platforms overview

With over 1,250 scientists working to deliver world-class research, we ensure that they have easy access to the very best facilities.

Whether it's a service, technology or expertise, we provide our scientists with unparalleled support to help them streamline their research, and achieve their research goals quicker. 

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Science technology platforms

Our science technology platforms (STPs) provide researchers with access to state-of-the-art equipment, technical advice and instruction in the effective use of the different technologies. We find that in-house expertise and services help our scientists streamline their research, so that they can achieve their research goals quicker. 


We host major centres of national and international importance. The Medical Research Council Biomedical NMR Centre provides NMR spectroscopy facilities to researchers across the UK and the Worldwide Influenza Centre is one of six centres in the world responsible for analysing flu viruses circulating in the human population.


Our facilities bring together a range of essential research support services and specialist functions. By emphasising quality and consistency, our facilities are a vital pillar in helping us deliver world-class research.  


Our STPs can offer expert training in technology platforms ranging from classroom-based theoretical courses and web-based resources to hands-on training.

Currently, this is offered for Flow Cytometry and Advanced Light Microscopy.

We're now running some of this training remotely. See upcoming training sessions and see recordings of previous sessions.