Cell Services : Techniques

Colour-enhanced image of human colon cancer cells in culture


We continue to provide a high level of both practical and advisory support to the scientific community at the Francis Crick Institute. Our dedicated, experienced team work together to fulfil cell culture requirements, purified antibody, cell authentication and mycoplasma-screening requests. In addition, we provide regular tissue culture training and refresher sessions.

Cell and Monoclonal Lab

We have a cell laboratory that is clean and free from mycoplasma. A range of tissue culture products and services are supplied, which includes monoclonal antibody production and purification. We are able to provide Crick scientists with all their tissue culture needs as either frozen vials, growing cultures or pelleted cells - this includes large-scale production.

Quarantine and Mycoplasma

We have a quarantine facility where cell lines are received and cultures initiated, cells are kept in this unit until mycoplasma testing is complete. Mycoplasma laboratory where testing samples and treatment of contaminated cultures occurs. A full screening service for Crick cell lines using fluorescent staining, agar culture and a sensitive PCR-based detection system, which offers an improved detection time.

Quality Control

Our quality control and development facility is responsible for authenticating cell lines and investigates new techniques that may offer cost and/or time savings for the department as a whole.

FreezerPro and the Cryostore

We are responsible for the central cell line repository held in the Cryostore. The cell line information is kept on a searchable, web-based database FreezerPro that is open for all to view. This central resource enables cell lines to be tracked and eliminates cell lines being housed around the building unnecessarily.