The 2nd Crick EM Symposium

Focus on correlative imaging across scales
Crick EM Symposium Day2 Visual Scribes

Focusing on correlative imaging across scales, the second Crick EM Symposium took place on 15 - 16th July, 2019 with a large interactive exhibition from commercial collaborators followed by a 3 day hands-on workshop hosted by the EM STP.

Attended by almost 300 people, the symposium was a huge success with positive feedback from external and internal attendees. The symposium included talks from research and technology leaders in imaging with a particular emphasis on how we are applying new imaging techniques to biomedical research, including exciting and informative talks from the Crick's Jeremy Carlton, Eva Frickel and Martin Jones. All talks were artistically captured by Visual Scribes.

The workshop allowed nine participants to take part in three different correlative light and electron (CLEM) workshops over three days. These included tutorials, lectures, hands-on practise and demonstrations of various techniques from the EM STP team including 3-dimensional CLEM, integrated light and electron microscopy and cryo CLEM. This was a great opportunity for the Crick to share some of its expertise and knowledge with other experts in the field.

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