Flow Cytometry : Equipment & services

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The Flow Cytometry STP is a dedicated scientific service offering an extensive flow cytometry analysis and sorting facility.

Flow cytometry is a sophisticated form of fluorescence microscopy where labelled cells in suspension pass one by one through one or more laser beams and emitted fluorescence can be captured and measured. Any part of a cell or any function of a cell that can be tagged by a fluorochrome may be measured by flow cytometry, which makes it an essential technique in many biological applications.

The main major applications within the Flow Cytometry STP are multicolour phenotyping (we can measure up to 28 colours on an individual cell), DNA analysis and cell cycle kinetics, cell death and apoptosis, as well as functional assays such as cell killing or ion flux.

We train researchers to use the analytical cytometers while operation of cell sorters is by the laboratory staff. The service encourages interaction between users and service staff, and members of the team are available to advise on experimental design, interpretation and presentation of results.

The Flow Cytometry STP aims to keep at the cutting edge of cytometric technology and introduce new techniques appropriate to user’s needs. We currently have 13 analytical cytometers and eight high-speed cell sorters along with 13 permanent members of staff.



Other services

The members of the Flow Cytometry STP are available to provide advice on the design of experiments, sourcing and supply of reagents, data analysis, presentation and interpretation as well as troubleshooting machines and experiments.

We also develop and introduce new techniques and technologies that would be useful to our users. Recently we have introduced mass cytometry and imaging mass cytometry to the lab, enhancing the number of parameters that can be measured. This will enhance the range of applications that we can provide.