Fly Facility

Fly facility incubation shelf.


Our Fly Facility supports fruit fly research at the Crick, working with 60 researchers in seven different research groups.

How many flies?

  • 8,000 Drosophila strains

  • 1,500,000 flies

  • Consuming 10,000 litres of food per year

The facility manages and maintains more than 8,000 different genetic strains of Drosophila and provides a range of technical services, including microinjection procedures to create transgenic flies, performing genetic crosses and setting up population cages to run experiments.

Our facility consists of a main room for Drosophila genetics and breeding, a microinjection suite and temperature-controlled rooms for the medium- to long-term storage of Drosophila strains.

The team provides technical training for researchers, for example on using microscopes and CO2 equipment, and aspects such as identifying the sex of flies.

They also help researchers at the Crick to send Drosophila strains to collaborators and to order new strains from Drosophila stock centres around the world.