The High Throughout Screening STP

High Throughput Screening : Equipment for cell-based screening

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Our equipment allows researchers to explore small to large-scale experiments in 96-, 384- or 1536-well format with many and various readouts (e.g. 2D and 3D, live cell assays, fluorescent protein and immunofluorescence studies, HTRF, luminescence etc).

Assay set up can be automated using:

  • Echo550 acoustic dispenser (Labcyte) within an Access robotic workstation comprised of a GX robotic arm, Agilent microplate centrifuge, Biotek EL406 plate washer and dispenser, Thermo Multidrop combi dispenser, plate stackers and barcode reader.
  • Dual 96- and 384-well head Biomek FX liquid handling robot (Beckman)
  • Andrew Alliance pipetting robot
  • Preddator liquid dispenser (Redd and Whyte)
  • BioTek ELX405 plate washers (BioTek) and Xrd384 liquid dispensers (FluidX)

Data acquisition is automated using:

  • Opera Phenix High Content microscope (PerkinElmer)
  • CX7 LZR high content microscope (Thermo)
  • ArrayScan VTi automated microscope (Cellomics)
  • Insight NXT automated microscope (Cellomics)
  • PheraStar (BMG Labtech) and Paradigm (Molecular Devices) plate readers
  • Acumen Explorer eX3 laser scanning microplate cytometer (TTPLabtech)
  • IncucyteZoom (Essen Bioscience)