Light Microscopy : CALM Long-Term Time-Lapse microscopes

CALM Long-Term Time-Lapse


Long-term time-lapse (LTTL) wide-field systems Nikon LTT1, LTTL2 and LTTL3 are configured to accommodate a wide range of live cell multidimensional (XY, Z, time, channels, field) acquisition experiments under low-light-level conditions. With their 'Perfect Focus' option, precision ASI and motorised stage, environmental regulation (temperature and CO2), non-laser LED light sources and cameras, the speed and sensitivity of acquisition and environmental stability of these systems make them ideal for both fast, dynamic live cell imaging experiments (e.g. ratiometric imaging) as well as imaging live biological processes over a longer duration (e.g. 16 hours+ for wound healing assays). 

Digital image data obtained can be quantified and compared for morphometric and kinetic information (e.g. cell proliferation and inter-miotic times, death/apoptosis rates, speed, persistence/directionality of migration (intracellular vesicles/cells/tissues), shape, molecules localisation and quantity over time) and 1 or more of the following channels: transmission (with or without phase contrast), DAPI, GFP, TRITC, mCherry, CFP YFP, and CFP FRET, over a range of magnifications and resolutions (from 2x0.1NA - 100x 1.49 NA).