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Returning to work in CALM (24th June 2020 UPDATES)

Dear users,

all users entering the Advanced Light Microscopy STP must respect our start-up guidelines reported below in the section "Full start-up guidelines" (see latest UPDATES).

The main points are: 

1. all of our equipment will be available for booking as usual, but staff support will be limited during June because some staff are still furloughed and others depend on public transport (especially the tube) to get to work.

2. in order to maintain social distancing in the facility, bookings must be made at least 72 hours in advance, and will be confirmed by a member of staff at least 48 hours in advance. All bookings will require a confirmation in order to assure that social distancing rules are upheld. If there are issues we will contact users to nudge things around.

3. until we can develop new training procedures which maintain social distancing, we are not offering training sessions at the moment. We aim to reintroduce confocal training by the second week of July, gradually followed the other kind of training. I know this is hard for some people. One way of mitigating this would be to encourage experienced lab members to image samples for their untrained lab mates.

4. image analysis will be done remotely by Dave and Todd working from home, which has generally worked pretty well thus far.


We will update you with further info as the situation changes.

Staff on site and working remotely is available for assistance, this means  you can contact them all via email and Zoom.

Additionally every microscope has Zoom installed for desktop sharing.

Remember you can also use the general contact email, which goes to everyone in the team.

Stay healthy,

Dr. Kurt I. Anderson
Crick Advanced Light Microscopy Facility
The Francis Crick Institute
1 Midland Road

Full start-up guidelines - 1st June 2020 and UPDATES

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