Light Microscopy : Phasefocus Livecyte

Phasefocus Livecyte


The Livecyte uses a Quantitative Phase Imaging (QPI) technique called ptychography to produce high contrast, high fidelity, 'phase and absorption' single plane images of label-free samples of subsequent fast and reliable segmentation and analysis.

With a motorised stage, temperature and CO2 regulation, and 10x, 20x or 40x magnification available for acquisition of large fields of view (up to 2mm2), the Livecyte is ideal for multi-field long-term time-lapse imaging of live cell tissue culture samples without labelling. Whole cell morphometric (e.g. count, area circularity), QP data (e.g. mass, volume, thickness) and kinetic parameter (e.g. speed, displacement, meandering index) data can be elucidated from the subsequent QP image series generated. In addition, optical correlative image acquisition is available in 3 epifluorescence channels, blue (EX 350-405nm, EM 412-480mm), green (EX 470-49nm, EM 510-540nm) and red (EX 537-580nm, EM 600-650nm).